Vichy Shower FAQ's

| by
Dr. Lynda Torrey
, under Woodhouse Services

The Vichy Shower originated in Vichy, France, an area 250 miles south of Paris along the Allier River.  Vichy is called the gateway to the Augverne region in central France.  This region is resplendent with six geothermal mineral springs that have been used for eons for hot spring “cures” for arthritis, rheumatism, gout and digestive complaints.  Vichy continues to be world-renowned for it’s spa therapies.  The Vichy Shower itself consists of a “rainbar” that is attached to a temperature and water control box fitted to the wall in a tiled room.   As the guest reclines face-down on a spa table, similar to a massage table, the rainbar extends from the wall over the guest to the shoulder area.  The six showerheads are positioned so that they cascade over the guests back and legs.  During treatment, the Vichy begins as a warm shower that balances, reinforces the immune system and relaxes the body.  After three minutes of this luxurious shower, the therapist performs an alternate hot and cold therapy shower that oxygenates, detoxifies and firms and tones the skin. Due to the action of flushing the lymphatic system for detoxification and the contracting and relaxing of the skin for firming and toning, the Vichy Shower can produce results as very few therapies have the ability to do.

Is there a reason that we have to use more extreme temperatures during the Vichy?  I can’t stand being cold!

In clinical hydrotherapy, which is the use of water for therapeutic purpose, it is known that the more extreme temperatures produce the best results.  Firming and toning are marvelous by-products of the use of alternate hot and cold waters due to the relaxation and contraction of the skin.  The Vichy Shower also creates a pumping in the body by increasing circulation and decreasing circulation which, in turn, allows the body to detoxify more effectively and assists elimination of excess fluid.  Because of the increase circulation, you look forward to the colder temperature by the end of the treatment.

Why is the Vichy Shower used with all Woodhouse Body Treatments?

Now that we know the therapeutic value, the Vichy is used as a detoxifying therapy in itself, as well as reinforcing and enhancing the body treatments.

Can I lose weight with this therapy?  And if so, how much?

The amount of weight loss is totally dependent upon each individual’s commitment to healthy treatment, eating and exercise programs.  The more commitment that is made to an overall wellness program, the more significant the weight loss.

Hydrotherapy, in the form of the Vichy Shower, is a perfect complement to our Seaweed Cellulite Treatment and Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap, as it intensifies the actions of the seaweeds. 

The treatments reach to the core of nature’s pharmacy, using seaweeds and essential oils for a profound effect on the body.  Abundant in benefits, seaweed and essential oils increase circulation which brings essential nutrients and oxygen to the body.  This stimulation also facilitates detoxification to create a “clear canvas” with which to work.  The Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap allows you to detoxify and re-nourish at the same time.

During the Seaweed Cellulite treatment, the therapist radically stimulates circulation by using deep kneading movements that break up the adhesions (scar tissue) caused by the “implosion” of fat cells in the body as they become too toxic.  This is what creates that dimpling effect we know as “orange peel” skin.

Experience deep relaxation integrated with result oriented therapies that firm and tone and it really doesn’t get much better!