What does a facial do for me?

| by Katie Barker, Esthetician - The Woodhouse Day Spa - Nashville, under Skincare and Beauty

One of the most common questions asked of an esthetician is, what does a facial do for me? Simple answer, plenty.

We all have professionals that we trust; our hairstylist, our mechanic, our handyman. We trust that as professionals, they have done the research and have the knowledge and experience to deliver a higher quality of service than we could do ourselves. Sure you can cut your own hair and fix your own engine-but would you?

Our skin should be no different, especially our facial skin. Our face is the first thing people notice about us. Our face defines who we are, what stage of life we are in, and what type of lifestyle we keep. Close your eyes and think about a friend. What was the first image you saw? Of course, it was their face!

Consider this for a moment... Hair grows back and cars can be replaced, but THIS is the ONLY skin you will ever have.
So OK, but WHAT does a facial do for me???
  • The key benefits of a facial include...
  • Deep cleansing
  • Increased circulation
  • Professional exfoliation
  • Stimulation of the underlying tissue to increase collagen production
  • Custom treatments based on your needs
  • Detoxification
  • Deep relaxation
  • Professional advice

Let’s talk about that last one. Whether it’s removing unwanted hair to reveal the beautiful skin underneath, applying make up to enhance the skin’s natural beauty, or performing a facial treatment, estheticians do one thing and they do it with a passion-we do skin.

Through consultation and skin analysis, your skin care professional can listen to your concerns and use their knowledge and experience to recommend not only the best treatment for your spa visit, but also the best products and practices to use at home. You will leave the spa with a newfound confidence and renewed glow that will radiate around you for all to see.
A facial is not a luxury service! A facial treatment is self care at it’s best.
Our skin enthusiasts at The Woodhouse Day Spa are here for you seven days a week. We can’t wait to begin your skin care journey with you!
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